Sunday, September 27, 2009

1st Stop: Shopwars Battle

The theme of the competition surrounds the 8" Qees of Toy2R. Local shops and companies, ranging from tattoo shops to toy stores like Kidrobot of SF, customized their Qee of choice for the competition.

Voters choose their favorites and cast their votes. All of the toys are for sale and 50% of the proceeds are donated to Project Open Hand. Project Open Hand is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides meals to people with AIDS and seniors.

Gotta love that hairdo.

Packaged "Qeef" teehee...

Yup, some where underneath all this was a 8" Qee.

All of the artwork are being displayed at 1AM until October 10th. Most toys are $100; it's for a great cause and just plain o' good investment for you art collectors out there ;)

Lief of Delicious Drips brought out a 16" Qee Cat for all the artists and attendees to doodle on during the show. Feeling inspired, everyone grabbed a paintbrush and doodled away. I couldn't stay til the end to see the "mural" Qee Cat. Hopefully, Lief will have updates on this one...

I want to give a big thank you to Lief for putting the show together and Dan at 1AM for being such a great host.

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