Sunday, October 11, 2009

Presenting: Dragatomi

Dragatomi: a badass toy store from heaven :)

Last Friday, at the 3D Canvas show @ Terminal22, I met an awesome couple who are the owners of Dragatomi; Joanne and Ray. We made the drive up to Sacramento to pay a visit to the store and see what their 2nd Saturday was all about over this weekend.

Here's just some of the ocean of toys they carry in the store.

You can be in the picture too, lady; it's okay.

Junko Mizuno's My Little Pony.

One of my many new projects to do: a Stitch courtesy of Joanne. Mucho gracias!

Mega Mummys and Dunnys.

What's this? A gallery within the store? Yes... More on this in the next post. Let's continue the tour of this little piece of heaven.

These are just a handful of toys that Dragatomi has in its inventory. They also have t-shirts, plushies and other misc. nicknack's on their website. For you hardcore collectors or newbies; go to: - or visit the store in person.

Rrrrraaah. Ray was scared.

Thank you, Joanne and Ray for the hospitality. I'll be back for more blueberry donuts and late-night Chinese food!