Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Not Vinyl Show

Yet another successful showed hosted by Dragatomi; curated by Leecifer. The Not Vinyl Show reception took place last night with several of the artists on site.

Awesome job on those spray paint cans, Task1 and Nemo.

My friend, Justin of We Kill You.

Leecifer turned his character into resin figures for customizing. The one held is a surprise from me to Lee; Moe's Migraine.

Mikie of Blamo was on site, showcasing his latest work.

Scenes from the much talked about: dungeon.

Spanky's kickass piece; sold with a quickness!
Lego figures inspired by Kozik; created by Joanne's little darling 10 years old daugher.

LilJapan, Hiro. Awesome colors and bullet encrusted rider on a koi fish.

My contributions to the show: a collab piece with Downtimer and a fish tank collab with Task1
Lit by LED lights; complete with gold fish inside!
Dragatomi's mascot resin by Jenny Wolf; customized by Dril One

Task created this piece for Dragatomi as a surprise for their 1 year anniversary since openning the store. Needless to say, the piece is amazing!!!

Leecifer being interviewed (again.)

Here's the collab piece I did with Downtimer. I scripted; he painted. Couldn't be happier with the paint job he did.

Close ups of my fish tank....

Come visit Ray at Dragatomi and he'll make this face for your viewing pleasure :)

Great fun; great show as always. Thank you, Joanne and Ray for being gracious hosts per usual. It was a blast hanging out with everyone. Come by and check out all the artwork on display until early June!

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