Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kaiju Bazaar - Mark Nagata

From the start of my first custom on Mark Nagata's toy, Tripus, I knew I wanted to do another custom using his figures. This time, I worked on an Eyezon, split the figure into two in my usual fashion and these are the results:

Last night was the opening of Kaiju Bazaar, curated by Mark Nagata and hosted by Double Punch. Here are a few pictures from the opening night:
Pico Pico

Much apologies as I have no pictures of the pieces by DeadPresidents and RealxHead....
Kirkland of Toybot Studios doing a quick video interview with Mark on the scene.
Mark talked about the little gifts that were presented to him. I was surprised and humbled by the coverage he gave to my toys. I'm relieved and happy that he enjoy them.
Fantastic night! There were TONS of pieces sold within the first hour of the opening - go to Double Punch for all the great art pieces still available now!

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  1. awesome jay !!! Thanks so much, what i wonderful gesture.. we'll come up with something cool to do !