Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vertigo: A Decade Of Hunting Nightmares by Alex Pardee

Over the weekend, we trekked down to Culver City for the opening of Alex's solo show: Vertigo in Corey Helford Gallery. To appreciate the show in its entirety, you must read the story that Alex created about Verti Parker.

Driving by prior to the show, we noticed a line forming by around 4pm in front of the gallery. The 9 foot tall Molar Bear greeted us as we entered:
We arrived at 7pm sharp and the gallery was already filled to the brim with barely any room to stare at the art pieces up close.
Crowd! As I recall, we left around 10pm and the line to get in was still miles long.
Much apologies for the sorry lighting and quality of pictures/angles. The sea of people made it a bit hard to get a good picture - but here we go:
(Each piece is accompanied by a story; be sure to check Alex's site for updates and periodic release of the stories.)

Verti's music box and suit case of artifacts collected from his various hunts.

Verti's kick-stand

Much congrats and thanks to Alex for inviting me to the show. All of the art pieces blew me away and left me speechless. You continue to inspire me and I look forward to many more of your work to come.
Amazed + in awe + anxiousness = a stiff smile from me.
The trip ended when I got eaten alive by a whale. The end.

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