Monday, November 23, 2009

DCon Bloopers

For your viewing pleasure... While I edit over 300+ pictures from DCon this past weekend in Pasadena, enjoy these kick ass pictures :)
So kissable, aren't they? Matt of Brand New Intention, Reactor88, Ray of Dragatomi and Chris from the Spanky Stokes crew at the after party.

DrilOne, VinylPulse, Dragatomi, Jesse Yu and Leecifer. Yes, you read it right. It does say: "Sweet Meats."
Inspired by the excellence of IHOP, I created my masterpiece: Tower of Cream.
"Rraaaggghhh...." My greetings to you.
To Chris, who, through out the entire weekend, randomly screamed "mabuhi" for no apparent reason.
You break it, you buy it. My creature photographed and handled over at Spanky's booth.

Gangsta artists...
Doodle allstar: Reacter88, Dragatomi, Leecifer, Ritzy P, Spanky Stokes, Gostavo, Jesse, Angie, DrilOne and me. Sorry if I left out anyone else; there were approx. 22 people that showed up for grub after the show.
Spanky, as crazy in person as I would have imagined. You didn't disappoint me, Spanky.
One too many Tecate's for the night.

Awesome weekend. Lots of good friends and new ones made. A few more posts to come from the trip down to Pasadena.

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