Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oops, been lagging to show the goods from DCon. What more can I add besides what's already been covered here and here. Oh well, here are more shots from the show; moving right along.
Toys at every corner.
Setting up at Dragatomi
To get more info on these customs, go to Missy J over @ Dragatomi ;)
GrimSheep @ Dragatomi
Patrick Francisco
My creatures for display
Labbit+Stitch; now peacefully resting at Gino's TAG.
October Toys
Stolle Art Studio
Spanky Stokes
Leecifer's customs @ Spanky Stokes
More from Leecifer
DrilOne @ Spanky Stokes
More customs by DrilOne
Beautiful dolls @ Huckleberry
Hell Boy (I mean, Girl.)

Angry Woebots @ Silent Stage
Prints & originals by Angry Woebots
Spicy Brown

To Die For

Toy2R + Apex Trading
The traveling Qees from the "We Ain't Plastic" show.

Delicious Drips

Doodle Barn

Black Maria Gallery.
Baby Tattoo Books

Beautiful Decay
Evil Paul

Kuso Vinyl

Chad Carothers
Blamo Toys

Spotted this Yoka custom from our friends in Mexico, Bere & Bere

Jeremi Rimel's Yoka custom

Again, none of this would be made possible without the invite from Dragatomi. I couldn't thank them enough. This trip was amazing; the artists I met and friends I made was insane. Until next year, DCon.

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