Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mixer Monster

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Before the holidays, I was given an unimaginable project to do...
I had an overwhelming and challenging task, assigned by DJ Qbert, to transform his perfectly good, award winning, historical dj mixer into a Jay222 project.
It was hard to believe that DJ Qbert would allow me to "mess up" such a good thing; I am happy with the results and am thankful for the opportunity.
My sister easily got over the blood and exposed muscle tissues, but she just couldn't get past the fungus toenails.

Here: the legendary mixer before I had my way with it.
I'd like to thank DJ Qbert again for allowing me to work on such a project.

Next up, a special project for Zach Galifianakis (well known from his character in The Hangover).


  1. Great work Jay, that one holding the fader is tight. Your an inspiration my friend!

  2. keep up the awesome