Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kaiju in SF

Despite the pouring rain tonight, we ventured out to San Francisco, for Ron English's show at Medicine Agency and a Kaiju show at Double Punch, curated by none other than Mark Nagata. Rain, shmain.

Aaahhh... it's Godzilla himself! Or selfs...?
Four Kaiju giants united at Double Punch: SUNGUTS, Dream Rocket, Dead Presidents and Max Toys Co.

Matt of Dead Presidents and Ichimiya of SUNGUTS
The man approves: Mark Nagata
SUNGUTS signing his piece for me... :)
So much good stuff... drooooooollllll.....

Mark's giant toy on display. No cameras in the world can capture the magnificent paint job. I tried.
Awesome night packed with meeting the faces behind amazing talent and art. Ron English was super cool and great pleasure, per usual, from Double Punch and all its art and toys offered.

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