Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art For Wishes @ Dragatomi

Last night, we made our way up to Sac to visit our buddies, Dragatomi for their Second Saturday event: Art For Wishes.
Per usual, the place was packed! Hello, crowd.

Art For Wishes brought together children of industry's artists (e.g. Jesse Hernandez, DrilOne, GrimSheep, and Dragatomi's very own little kiddies) to create one-of-a-kind custom munny's. Proceeds will go to the Make A Wish foundation.
Let's take a look at these protégé-in-the-making.

Jesse Hernandez was on site with one of his daughters, Eliana. He brought his yet-to-be-released toy to taunt everyone. What a tease.

And lastly, chilling with Dragatomi is not complete without some awesome pictures.
A wonderful cause with a great turnout; until next time, Joanne and Ray!

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