Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thud Rumble Group Show

What an amazing show and turnout! This past Friday was the reception night and grand opening night of Thud Rumble Gallery. The lineup of artists that I was privileged enough to participate with is still mind-boggling to me.
I arrived a bit early to snap pictures in peace before everyone arrived. Friends, family, artists (yo, Leecifer & Task1) all came out to show support. First takes of the walls...
Mars 1. I had the great pleasure of meeting the man himself (not pictured in this photo above, that's my pops).
Moving along is a wall of DJ turntables and assorted toys by Mars1 and Jesse Hernandez.
Thanks to Mirra, Ritchie and Qbert, the display of my toys turned out super awesome.
Wall of art on vinyl covers... takes me back :) Also some kick ass pieces by Nate1. I goof'd and didn't take much pictures of his work...
Here we go, a closer look; first up, Mars 1.
The man knows what he's doing with colors and paint brushs, I tell ya.

Turntable covers of Qbert's. He is a huge art collector of every medium to say the least.

This below is a portable turntable also, created by a guy in England (I think...or I could be wayy off. sorry.)

Again, thanks to Mirra, Ritchie and Qbert's expert layouts, my pieces looked like guardians for the gallery :)

This is Lady Bishop, a last minute piece I completed, literally, the night before the show. It took longer to finish than expected. But she arrived just in time for the show.

I also got to meet the very down-to-earth Downtimer, who offered to do a trade :) So stoked and looking forward to more of his work in the future.

Man, if I can trade one of my toys for this crazy painting below....

Loved this fun piece of 3D art on canvas (3D glasses were provided).

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet Damon Soule. But his work definitely made its presence.

To all those that came out, thank you for showing support to the show. Sounding like a broken record: I really want to thank Mirra for organizing every detail; to Qbert and Ritchie for giving me such an amazing opportunity to show with these super talented artists.

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  1. awesom show..props my man...wrote a little something about it on my blog too...holla at you soon