Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slimey Sim

This is a piece of many that is on its way to Red Hot Robot in Phoenix, AZ
It's been a crazy month with WonderCon, the 5 eyed Dragon show at Dragatomi and now 2 shows coming up.
NervisWr3k was gracious enough to invite me to do a show with him at Red Hot Robot. I thought I'd step up my game since I'll be showing with the very talented man.
For the show, I decided to do without any DIY blank toys and sculpt all my pieces. The result was challenging, time consuming and expensive postage stamps for the shipping...

But, I'm pretty happy with the end results and I destroy blank toys anyway.

Lots more coming up, including another collab piece with NervisWr3k; more details about the show soon.

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