Sunday, April 4, 2010

WC 2010

To get a better recap of WonderCon that took place this weekend, go to G4 or someone else's blog. I tried and failed. Big time. The place was packed with a bizillion people and booths that it demanded my full attention. Here are random greatness that I stumbled upon:
One of my all time favorite artists: Alex Pardee. After talking to him and having him hit up my book, as dumb luck would have it, he's actually a close neighbor!

Here's a really crappy picture of Poison Ivy and Harley.
Lulubell Toy Bodega; found: Usugro toys. Extremely hard to find. Luckily I was able to grab just 1 of 3 that were left.
I got the middle one :)

A childhood favorite: Usagi Yojimbo. The comic characters comes to life thanks to Roku Toys. I got #222 of Yojimbo, the rabbit samurai.

Yet another childhood toy: Mochichi...except I don't remember the bondage style ones with tapes over their mouths.
Thought this was awkwardly awesome.

On location: After party at New People in Japantown, hosted by Jesse Hernandez of Vinyl Addiction.
The crowd stormed in at the start of the party, 7pm sharp.
The tireless man himself.
I caught glimpses of legends: Frank Kozik and Huck Gee at the party.
Jesse had 2 showings of Vinyl Addiction in the theater at the basement of New People. All I gotta say is: check your Comast tv: Channel 368. It is not to be missed!

Tony Nakanari was at the scene with a happy collector and her signed Spiki. What a kick-ass weekend with my friends, the Dragatomi, FreshCharacters, Leecifer, Task 1, Ritzy P, Jesse, Angie and some many many others...

Coming up next: coverage (better pictures, I swear) of the 5 Eyed Dragon show at Dragatomi and more pictures of my latest pieces!

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